Aplikasi Teori Hermeneutika dan Wacana Kritis

Aplikasi Teori Hermeneutika dan Wacana Kritis
Aplikasi Teori Hermeneutika dan Wacana Kritis
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ISBN: 978-601-76360-6-4
Penerbit: STAIN Press Purwokerto
Terbit: 2012
Penulis: Arif Hidayat, S.Pd., M.Hum.
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Teori Hermeneutika, Wacana Kritis

In this modern era, noble and humanist values are being ignored. This book reveals the values contained in poetry, which again makes us aware of the importance of learning to live with a clean soul. If we read this book more deeply, I think it can be used as a lesson about forming noble and humanist characters in poetry. (Dra. Isnaini Praptanti M.Pd., lecturer in Indonesian Literature Education, FKIP Muhammadiyah University, Purwokerto).

Not many literary students apply their knowledge. From what is only counted on the fingers, this book is an example that a literary student applies his views to uncover the meaning contained therein. Understanding literary works is a gateway to begin to explore literature. That should be a concern for students and lecturers to apply their knowledge to literature (Abdul Aziz Rasjid, essayists and literary critics)

People are now bored with the theory books that make a forehead wrinkled. They prefer examples directly. This book gives an example of a long and detailed study of a collection of poems. (Teguh Trianton, the literary observer at Home Culture).

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