Kesehatan Mental

Kesehatan Mental
Kesehatan Mental
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ISBN: 978-602-98351-0-6
Penerbit: STAIN Press Purwokerto
Terbit: 2013
Penulis: Kholil Lur Rochman, S.Ag., M.S.I.
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Anxiety is a fear of things that don't necessarily happen. It usually arises when a human being is in a condition that he thinks will harm and he feels will threaten him; where the man feels powerless to face it because what he is worried about has not yet happened, then that anxiety is actually a fear that he created himself. Stress and anxiety that can cause a person to suffer from neurosis or psychiatric problems are because these feelings always control all his life's journey. Therefore, making a calm and peaceful state of mind is an essential and vital therapeutic.

 With this kind of reality, this Mental Health book becomes important, at least becomes the initial reference material to understand ourselves about various mental illnesses with different characteristics so that we realize that the mental aspect is one of the main existences of one's personality in interacting with others and God, to towards self-maturity.

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